Brock and Baseball

In this podcast, I go over whether or not members of the Denver Broncos should be mad at Brock Osweiler for singing in Houston as well as touch on the League Championship Series.

In this podcast, I discuss the NLDS clincher for the Chicago Cubs and the beauty in baseball. I also make my World Series prediction. Quick note, near the 5 minute mark, I say John Maddon, I do mean Joe Maddon, the manager for the Chicago Cubs. 

The Election, Playoff Baseball, and New England

In this quick podcast, I talk about how we need to stop “locker room talk,” how the Patriots are incredible, and I make some picks in the upcoming MLB Playoff games.

The NBA Finals and what’s to come (feat. Tyler Schuster)

In this podcast, I welcome back Tyler Schuster to discuss the NBA Finals and the upcoming NBA Draft this Thursday, in addition, we will be discussing some NBA Free Agency rumors.

My thoughts on the Conference Finals heading into Games 3 and 4

In this podcast, I discuss how the NBA Conference Finals are going, how they are going to play out over the weekend, and how the NBA Finals could look.

NBA Conference Finals Preview/NBA MVP Perspective

In this podcast, I take 15 minutes to predict the upcoming NBA Conference Finals, as well as talk about why LeBron James is still a more valuable player than Steph Curry.

Image from: http://static.sportskeeda.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/nba-conferences-1431938788.jpg

2016 NFL Draft Round 1 Takeaways (feat. Tyler Schuster)

Today’s podcast is a breakdown of last night’s first round of the NFL draft: Laremy Tunsil scandal, steals in the first round, and more!

State of the NBA

In today’s podcast, I am rejoined by Tyler Schuster (Twitter: https://twitter.com/TylerGSchuster) to talk about about the current standings in the NBA Playoffs, as well as make projections for rounds further down the road.

We Dem Boyz, Talkin’ Basketball

I’m joined by Russell Heitmann and Tyler Schuster to discuss recent performances in both the NBA and Men’s College Basketball. We also give our predictions to who the best pick in the upcoming draft is, and who could be disappointments come tourney time.

This week, Tyler Schuster and I are breaking down what we expect to see out of the 2015-2016 NBA Season. We go from discussing Boogie Cousins’ potential to trashing James Harden’s swag at the end of the show. Hit that follow button and I hope you enjoy the show!

Sports Caboose NBA Tipoff Edition

Tyler Schuster joins me to discuss recent issues in the sports world– Lamar Odom, DeAngelo Williams and Steve Sarkisian.

In this podcast, Tyler Schuster and I are sending our random shoutouts of the recent weeks, and talking other sports issues.  Try to stay with us and enjoy the show!

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I’m joined again today by my good friend Tyler Schuster to discuss some more college and pro football. We also go in-depth into some recent concussion news, and the two Texas high school football players that tackled an official a few weeks ago.

In today’s podcast, I’m joined once again by Tyler Schuster to discuss this week’s key matchups in both the NCAA and NFL.


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I’ve got the Kansas City Chiefs in tonight’s match-up against the Denver Broncos. Find out why in today’s podcast.


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Photo taken from: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/11/broncos-chiefs-2013-stats-nfl-week-11

In this podcast, I jump into the recent news of two San Antonio, TX high school football players that tackled an official during the game.


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Here’s the link to the story on NBC http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/referee-pummeled-two-texas-high-school-football-players-was-fill-n424346