JR Smith to replace Chris Pratt in Avengers 4

Last night’s Game 1 loss for the Cavs was the epitome of LeBron’s career, and the image of him making that desperation face will live in infamy.

They had the Dubs right where they wanted them, until JR did his best StarLord impression and smacked the shit out of Thanos, getting half of the universe killed.

Next thing we know, it’s overtime and Tristan Thompson is going “LeBron, I don’t feel so good.” 

Avengers jokes aside, there are a few takeaways from the game, from my perspective… 

  1. We can put these “KD is a better player than LeBron” arguments to rest for the time being. Kevin Durant played a really bad game, and fortunately for him, he was bailed out by Steph and the referees, and JR’s blunder. I can’t even imagine what we’d be saying about LeBron today had he played as poorly as Durant did last night. When he has all that firepower than LeBron just doesn’t have, we can’t give him a pass. If he doesn’t have a great series, I’ll be severely disappointed in him, but I don’t be the least bit surprised.
  2. Steph finally showed up for a Finals game, and it’s because he doesn’t have to cover Kyrie. Steph is phenomenal, and he hits a bunch of ridiculous shots— but he’s just a different player when he has to go against the President of the Flat Earth Society. He can’t handle chasing that dude around all game, but now he’s free to rest more on the defensive end. I expect Steph to put together a few more performances like that and win the MVP of the Finals if the Dubs stick to the script. 
  3. LeBron has given his absolute everything to this Cavs team and gets so little in return, and I think it’s time for him to move on. He came back for the fans, he won a title for the city, and he cemented the legacy that he can, in fact, get it done. But, since people are moronic and obsessed with the rings conversation, he has to leave and chase them. I hope he doesn’t leave, but I feel like he must. If not, he’ll never be able to catch that ghost. 
  4. Draymond Green (along with every Warrior) deserves every technical, and then some. He played the ball on that flagrant foul where he hit LeBron… well, he played it with one hand. The other was clearly trying to hit him in the face. He’s a dirty player, and he plays without regard for other player’s safety. He is a child, and he can’t comprehend when things don’t go his way. He plays the game the wrong way, and he deserves to catch a Barkley sucker punch, don’t @ me. Honestly, it’s how all of them act. They’re good, and they’re allowed to be cocky until someone stops them and shuts them up. But, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a team so childish and whiney with so much rope from the officiating crew. It’s seriously just BANANAS! 

Up until the overtime period, I thought the Cavs had a legitimate chance to win the series. I thought they could steal home court and somehow find a way to do the impossible. Now, the impossible seems much more impossible.

The intelligent basketball fan in me thinks the Dubs will win in five games. But, the LBJ fanboy in me feels there’s somehow, some way, LeBron will have some Herculean effort, and win his fourth championship. 

I guess we’ll find out… but for now, I’m gonna go play some NBA Live on Rookie and bury the Warriors by 50 points. 


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