Let’s talk about KD for a second

After last night, I’m tempted to fall into the two traps that everyone else is at the moment: number one- the series is a wrap, and number two- KD is better than LeBron.

First off, I still don’t think this series is over. Cleveland has been absolutely garbage on the defensive end, but they have a few days off and they are going back home. I’m sure its role players won’t shoot as poorly as they have been, and hey, the Cavaliers still have LEBRON JAMES! At this point, I want to call the series over in six games, but it’s still pretty early and I don’t wanna shift my pick, I’m sticking with Cavs in seven (even though I’m probably wrong).

On this whole KD thing, he has absolutely been the best player on the floor through the first two games. He’s drilling his jumpers, getting to the rim at will, making plays for his teammates and doing work on the defensive end. I have little doubt that he will be the Finals MVP, but let’s slow down on this whole “he’s better than LeBron talk,” because he’s not. Kevin Durant has so many more weapons at his disposal than LeBron does, at least weapons that are firing on all cylinders in the Finals. LeBron still almost had a triple-double through one half yesterday on 67% shooting, that’s damn efficient and he’s still the best player in the game. I will say, though, KD is making his case for the best in the world.

I also want to take the time to appreciate how amazing Kevin Durant is, and take the time to appreciate him going to Golden State. I have not always been the biggest fan of Kevin Durant, but his last two games have inspired me to stick up for him. Who cares that he’s chasing rings, wouldn’t you want to win a bunch of championships if you were him? All we talk about is winning rings in the GOAT discussion anyway. No one wants to be that Karl Malone, Dan Marino guy. The guy who has all these records but couldn’t win a championship. Good for him for chasing rings, it means he can’t stand losing despite how much money is involved. That’s a prerogative I can get behind.

Also, on this whole “he didn’t do it the right way” nonsense, it needs to stop. Why is it his job to follow everyone else’s path to winning it all? That shouldn’t be his responsibility at all. KD just needs to keep balling like he has been and win as many rings as he can. I have nothing but respect for him right now. He made a good career decision and at the moment, it’s totally paying off for him. I don’t think we should be ragging him anymore for this move to the Warriors. I love super-teams, I think all of these blowouts are fascinating because it makes for a great storyline next year. It’s not bad for basketball, you’re just mad he didn’t sign for your team.

Still, Cavs in seven games– Hennything is possible.


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