So that wasn’t a great start, but it’s okay

Last night, the Dubs basically took a dump all over the Cavs in the second half. That’s okay, I was expecting the Warriors to win game one. Also, I’m not particularly worried that they will be down 2-0 heading back to Cleveland, I actually think it’s going to be tied 1-1.

The Cavs might have to just let Klay Thompson or Draymond Green be the guys that beat them. It’s apparent that you can’t guard all four heads of that monster, but if you’re going to let someone beat you, it can’t be Curry and it sure as hell can’t be Durant like he did last night. He looked angry, he looked determined, and he was ballin’. That can’t happen again. LeBron was too focused on the jumper and let Durant go right by him too many times. He’s gotta let Durant shoot jumpers and just hope for the best on the contest, but letting him get to the rim and get easy dunks is just not going to get it done.

Also, Kyrie needs to show some semblance of effort on the defensive end. I was watching SportsCenter this morning and Ryen Russillo was talking about how lazy Irving was on D last night, and I couldn’t agree more. If the Cavs want to repeat, Kyrie has to worry less about showing Steph who has better handles and focus more on getting some steals that lead to easy buckets and being the first one back on defense when he’s at the top of the key.

Another thing, Golden State probably won’t get all of those calls they did in Game 1. There were a lot of uncalled offensive fouls and jersey-grabbing that I’m not sure will continue in their favor every single time heading into Game 2. I’m sure they’ll get some more home cookin’, but I don’t think it will be as bad as it was in Game 1.

If you’re pulling for the Cavs, don’t fret. They’ve been in a much worse spot. Remember when they were down 3-1 last year? If you’re rooting for the Warriors, all you want is some more of the ref’s help and for the Cavs to stay relatively cold from deep and you are made in the shade.

There’s one thing I am definitely praying for in Game 2 though…. for LeBron to absolutely BAPTIZE Javale McGee for a second time. That was the highlight of my night, because I was a little salty that Cleveland got beat.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– stop complaining about the matchup and just appreciate the greatness we are witnessing! We have potentially five, maybe more, future Hall of Fame players in this series. Just be thankful that it wasn’t the Jazz versus the Raptors, because we all know how bad that would have sucked.


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