If you aren’t pumped for the Finals, I feel bad for you

Honestly, we have never seen something like this, a third-straight matchup in the Finals from the same two NBA Franchises. We have the soon-to-be GOAT in LeBron trying to take down the juggernaut Warriors for the second-straight year. We have the re-tooled and healthy Warriors on a mission to “destroy” Cleveland after robbing them of their second-straight title and best season in NBA history. I know it’s been a long, almost monotonous 7-month prelude. . . but all that build up just makes it even more special.

Think about it, we are almost guaranteed a 7-game series the way that these two teams are built to beat each other. Cleveland, while some may not realize, is the best 3-point shooting team in the NBA, perfectly equipped to beat the Dubs at their own game. They have two different monsters that can get to the rim at will in LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love can be even more of a factor than he was last year, when he made not-so-flashy, but extraordinary plays on both ends of the floor to seal the chip for the Cavaliers.

Then, we have the Warriors. This team has a worse record but better team than the 73-9 squad of a year ago. Draymond Green went on record saying that he wants to “destroy Cleveland,” and the Warriors owner said that they have “unfinished business.” It goes without saying that the Warriors would like to avenge that choke-job from last year, but to actually go out and say that they want to destroy them, is just an added bonus. Golden State is also better at protecting the rim than they were last year with the play of Draymond and Kevin Durant, and they have added JaVale McGee as a rim-protecter to help them when LeBron and Kyrie get into attack mode.

I can’t honestly say that I can predict how this series is going to go, there are just so many variables. LeBron has been sick, the Warriors are without their head coach in Steve Kerr, the Warriors have had more time off– which could be a bonus or a disadvantage, in addition, they could be too cocky and end up blowing it yet again. Seriously, I could see this series going seven games easily, but I could also see either team winning it in five. I’m going to take the Cavs in seven, but I have been wrong before. For instance, last year I had the Warriors in seven, and look how that turned out.

I also think that if LeBron wins this one, especially beating the four-headed monster in Golden State with Kevin Durant, it’s about a wrap on him being the greatest player to date. He will have more time to cement his legacy, but a 4-4 Finals record and seven-straight trips is a helluva resume, to go along with his all-time points record in the playoffs, that’s only going to get higher.

Instead of complaining that the Finals has been set for the past seven months, instead enjoy the amazing basketball that we are about to see this coming week. I know that I can’t contain my excitement, and I hope that all of you can just enjoy the games as I will.


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