Dubs in. . . not 5, not 6, not 7…?

How the hell can I be wrong about just about everything in this series and still have my original pick of “Warriors in seven” come true? Because the NBA, that’s why. With no close games in this series thus far, we are definitely due for one in Game 7, and it’s about to be lit.

If you didn’t watch Game 6 in Cleveland last night, then I feel bad for you because you didn’t witness one of the greatest players to every play the game dominate from start to finish. After this series, I’m going to release an updated G.O.A.T. list, so keep your eyes peeled for that (sorry for the shameless plug).

I want to address the Steph Curry ejection for a second. First of all, anyone thinking *cough cough, Steve Kerr and Ayesha Curry, cough cough* that he didn’t commit six legit fouls and was given some cheapies, you’re wrong. Steph Curry was out of position and was reaching too much last night and committed six fouls. There wasn’t one I saw last night that was a cheap one, he just had a bad night. Now, when he blew up on the official and threw his mouthpiece, he definitely deserved the tech and the ejection because that’s an inappropriate reaction, but there’s no reason to even consider a suspension.

What I really want to see is Steph bring that fire in his game on Sunday and PLAY LIKE THE UNANIMOUS MVP ALREADY!  I want to see a classic between he and LeBron where they trade buckets all night and it’s an actual game, not a blowout. I think the way King James taunted Steph all night, and the way Steph pointed at him as he left the floor upon being ejected, they’re going to go at each other all night this Sunday, and I can’t wait.

A friend of mine texted me last night and asked me if the Warriors should be worried about losing Game 7 at home on Sunday night, and I think we should pump the brakes a bit. Look, the Warriors set an NBA-record with 73 wins this season. They have the first unanimous MVP on their squad in Steph Curry. They came back from a 3-1 deficit in the Western Conference Finals. They have one of the best home crowds in the NBA (when they’re winning). So, I’m not worried.

However, if Andre Iguodala’s back continues to bother him, that’s a different story. With Andrew Bogut out and Iggy not at full strength, LeBron and Kyrie are free to get to the hoop at will. If they miss, Tristan Thompson is there to show why he’s worth four years and 82 million dollars with his tenacity on the offensive glass.

Here’s what it’s going to take for Golden State to right the ship and win Game 7:

  1. LeBron needs to miss jump shots. When the King is knocking them down from mid-range and from three, you can kiss the back-to-back titles goodbye. That just opens the floor up so much for him, and he’s able to dominate like he has the last few games.
  2. Draymond needs to play with some fire. He isn’t at risk of suspension since it’s the last game of the series, so he’s gotta be loud and animated. The Dubs always respond to his energy, so we need to see him play Draymond Green basketball.
  3. Iggy needs to be healthy. When he’s locked in and can utilize his athleticism, he’s the best LeBron defender on that team. Plain and simple, they need him at full strength.
  4. Curry and Klay need to be Curry and Klay. They’re capable for 80 points combined, but we haven’t seen it in the Finals. If we do, they’ll likely keep the game close and force Cleveland to hit key shots down the stretch.

With all that being said, LeBron James, the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD, will have a lot to say about how this goes down, and he’s probably going to tally another 40 point game. However, it’ll be interesting to see if he goes into attack mode right away, or if he tries to get guys involved early on. I can’t see him playing around with a Game 7, so his boys better be hitting shots right away, or it’s going to be the LeBron show for 40 minutes on Sunday night.

I haven’t picked a game correctly in God knows when, but I’m gonna stick to my original pick of Warriors in seven. They’ll win a close one, 115-110.



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