Druse’s Dimes- Jae Crowder

Oh man, oh man, oh man. . . . not again.

Jae Crowder has NBA writers and enthusiasts talking over making a rule change to allow this garbage to count as a made basket.

I mean, it’s impressive as hell, but it’s not a field goal. He’s out of bounds, and that shot should only count when he’s trying to win free tater tots for life.

What’s next for the NBA? Sleeved Jerseys? Weak foul calls and no traveling? Oh. . . wait. . .

Allowing this “basket” to count for anything other than entertainment value would be about as solid of a rule change as allowing the basket to be lowered for driveway pickup games. All you’re gonna have is a bunch of 10-year-old bench warmers working on it in practice in the hope that they might get the nod from coach–

“Hey Ralphie, go try that stupid shot from out of bounds, we could really use a spark right now, we’re down by 35.”

No disrespect to Jae Crowder, the dude should obviously be starting at QB for the Patriots with that sort of accuracy. He’s definitely more talented than that Tim Brady or Tom Brudy or whatever his name is.

All I’m saying is, can we just take a chill pill with this immediate need for a rule change anytime anything happens?


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